Write Ur Hello World HTML and Show it to the World

I learned HTML a while ago from w3schools, which has a well-organized knowledge structure, and provides an interactive tool to facilitate learning, but I’ve never learned how to actually launch a website.

This is what I figured out from googling, binging, and yahooing:

  1. Find a suitable server to host your website. For me as a student, it’s very easy to do. Stanford provides free web service for affiliates. Every student can create their own website by simply making a request through the university system. To deploy the website, we just need to put the files under our own WWW directory. That’s it. If you are not a Stanford affiliate or don’t want to host it on the Stanford system, another good choice would be github.
  2. Write your first hello world HTML! This one is so short that I can paste it here.
    Hello world!

    If you are not familiar with coding, you can create a txt file and change the name to index.html or hello_world.html. I use sublime as my go-to text editor. For this simple program, you may use Notepad as an alternative.

  3. Open your program with your web browser this time, rather than the text editor. Say hello to your first webpage, and play with it: change the text, write fancier code.
  4. Deploy your website! For me, it is as simple as to drag the file into the WWW directory. After you deployed the website, go to the webpage just to make sure nothing goes wrong.



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